Selling and Trading books

From Friday, 8/4 through Sunday, 8/13 our trader will be enjoying her first vacation in six years. You’re welcome to drop off donations, but books you want to be given credit for have to be brought in after 8/13. Store hours will be posted on our site and our voicemail.


Please note that we are currently so overloaded with fantastic collections we’ve already spent the summer buying budget. We’re happy to accept donations or make you a GENEROUS store credit offer for your books.

The number one rule of trading books is that we really can’t tell you how much something is worth or whether or not we will buy it from you until we see it. We are happy to give you some guidelines to help you weed through your collection before you bring it in.

We do not take: Encyclopedias, textbooks, books missing their dust jackets, paperbacks with “stripped” (removed) covers, ex-library books, Reader’s Digest books/ abridged classics.

We rarely take: Time-Life sets (please call ahead and ask us about the specific set you have before bringing them in)

If you have a multi-volume set of books (ex. Harvard shelf of classics, complete works of a specific author) please call before bringing them in. We also appreciate a call for more than 5 boxes of books coming in, we need to make sure we have the space to handle them for you! In cases of very large trades we will make every attempt to accommodate you but we reserve the right to refuse same day trading in cases where there has been no call-ahead.

We pay you approximately one quarter of our estimated selling price, if you chose to shop in the store we’ll discount any used purchases you make 50%. Pay-outs over $100 may be made via check. Check payments can be cashed the same day.

Now the good stuff: Things we always want to see

We ALWAYS want to look at the following:

Graphic Novels, UFO-logy, Paranormal Studies, Mysteries/ True Crime, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Modern Library hardcovers, Astrology/ Divination, Tarot Decks, Eastern Philosophy/ Western Philosophy, Witchcraft/ Paganism, Film Studies, autographed books, Nancy Drew/ Hardy Boys hardcovers *with dust jackets*, Beat-era writers, Erotica, Music Theory, Music History, anything weird, off-beat, strange or wacky.

If you just want to donate your books:

Awesome. We’ll take anything you want to give us except encyclopedia sets, text books and magazines. You can donate books any time you’d like, the trader does not need to be in!