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We are located at 3233 West Liberty Ave in Dormont (15216)
Call us at (412) 344-7444

Normal Shopping hours:

Monday 11-4

Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday 11-6

Saturdays 10- at least 2, often til 4.

Sundays 11-5

Our trader is generally in Monday, Friday, Saturday am. Feel free to call ahead and check Chris’ schedule for the week! 

Please note that because of our extremely limited space we can not allow you to leave books here when the trader isn’t in. Feel free to call ahead and make sure Chris is available for trading before you bring us books! If you want to donate your books instead of selling or trading, you can do that any time we are open, regardless of who is at the counter. We still can’t accept encyclopedia sets, text books or magazines, even as donations.

Our “yes, we’re SUPER-indie” schedule caveat:

Our store is staffed by Chris Pluto 3 days a week and by volunteers the other 4 days. Because there is such a small group of us working to keep the store open as many hours as possible, stuff is going to happen. Illness (ours or a pet’s), appointments, family emergencies and sometimes just sheer exhaustion may create the need for a sudden schedule change on any given day. You are always welcome to call ahead to double check our day’s schedule and we will always post changes on our answering machine when we are able to.

Our Winter Weather caveat:

We take public transportation to & from the store daily. If PATransit is running on a significant delay, or if a state of emergency is declared in Allegheny County (automatically shutting down bus service) the store may not be open. Please call ahead in bad weather to avoid inconvenience. We are always happy to hold or ship an item for you if you don’t feel the roads are safe to drive on.

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