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Geek-minded Knitting with Joan Dark on June 13th



Are you ready to embrace your inner geek? This fun and fashionable compendium of knitting patterns definitely leans toward the Dark Side—but who says the Dark Side can’t be chic and colorful, too? With projects ranging from easy to advanced, there’s something here for everyone: sci-fi geeks, dice rollers, and fantasy enthusiasts alike. And if you’re less into the culture and just need something unique to hold your comic book collection, author Joan of Dark has that covered, too.

Inside you’ll find fun and funky projects modeled by some very familiar faces, including René Auberjonois of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and his Blue Box Scarf, John Carpenter and his Asylum Comic Book Cover, and George R. R. Martin with his trusty knitted Dire Wolf!

Whether you consider yourself aligned with the Chaotic Good or take a more Neutral Evil approach to life (and knitting), Geek Knits has everything you need to dress the part.

Joan of Dark is sometimes called Toni Carr. But not very often. Her passion for knitting started when she asked her grandmother to show her how, and instantly regretted all the time in her life spent not knitting. Her first book, Knockdown Knits, was all about roller derby and knitting. The second book, Knits for Nerds, is all about nerdy knitting. So one could guess that Joan is a roller derby loving knitting nerd. This would be correct. She is also a rescuer of animals, and surrounds herself with not only a very loving and tolerant husband, but a miniature horse named Starkey, Pigwidgeon (Widget) the parrot,  a very weird dog named Sassy Burrito, Willie the craziest corgi mutt ever and 2 cats named Vega and Lenore. Future plans may include a female duck named Howard, but the husbands tolerance may only stretch so far.



When not knitting, skating, performing aerial silks, or running though muddy obstacle course races, you may find she is working in her coffee shop, Strange Brew, playing the guitar or the bass, or occasionally having too many glasses of wine and entertaining her twitter followers with her tipsy ramblings.

Book signing and Q&A at 2pm, Stitch-n-Bitch from 5-7pm. Joan will be happy to offer some knitting tips, teach some basics and chat with crafters. Since Chris Rickert is an avowed crocheter, she’d like to make it known that this is NOT a knit-only event, bring whatever yarn craft you’d like to work on!

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Upcoming Event: Dave Rullo signs Tired Scenes From A City Window at 2pm on 5/2


David Rullo is a poet, freelance writer, journalist, musician and artist. His work is influenced by the Beat Writers, especially Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. A partial list of other influences includes Jackson Pollock, Tangerine Dream, Douglas Coupland and William Gibson.

“Tired Scenes From A City Window,” Rullo’s first collection of poetry was recently published through Outskirts Press and is currently available at select Pittsburgh bookstores.

Rullo has been published in various literary magazines including Exhausted Ramblings, Cavalcade, Pendulum, The Second International Anthology on Paradoxism and more. His journalism articles have appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review and the Jewish Chornicle. For over a year Rullo penned the weekly column/blog Aging Hip Replacement for the pop culture website Popblerd in addition to writing album reviews and various other topics.

As a musician Rullo is a member of the two-piece experimental band Centrale Electrique and a one-man ambient/electronic side project Architects of the Atmosphere. AoA continues to be heard on the Australian ambient program Ultima Thule.

Rullo has also had a conceptual art piece hung at Future Tenant as part of the exhibit Do You Understand curated by Kimberly Rullo.

Tired Scenes Final Cover 072814