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Happy National Book Lover’s Day!

To be honest, we were too busy selling and reading books to remember. But thanks to the fast paced world of modern technology, we can still do something special for all the book lovers out there:

Buy any used book(s) in the store, mention National Book Lover’s Day, get 10% off and a few little goodies.

Buy any used book online: and send us a message with your order that mentions National Book Lover’s Day and we’ll send a goodie bag with your order!




Long distance shopping options galore!

For customers who live outside the Pittsburgh area, it must be heartbreaking. Seeing our cool events and our weird sales and All. Those. Tentacles.


As always, we’re here to help you through the rough times.

For a standard online shopping experience, you can simply browse our stores on Amazon or on ABE. You are also welcome to browse here and call ahead to have your books held for you for pickup. (we will hold books for up to 3 days)

Looking for a more personal touch? Looking for that collection of mysteries that you read five years ago and you know it’s about a librarian who crochets but that’s it? Maybe a personal shopper appointment is what you need! You can call ahead to schedule (and if we’re not busy we can often help you right away!) and the service is generally available any day other than Sunday.

Personal shopping services include:

Hard to find book searches – If you can’t figure out how to find the book you want, or you can’t even figure out what the book is, give Chris a call. Initial searches are free, and we offer extremely inexpensive options for extensive book searches and upcoming author releases alerts.

Personal shopping by phone – If you know you want to read on a general subject, but you don’t know exactly what you want, we can help you pick just the right book. We’ll take your information and offer you a number of options. Ask to set the conversation up via cell phone and Chris can text you photos of the books you might be interested in!

Gift packages assembled to your specifications – All we really need is a list of genres and a dollar amount to put together a gift package, but you can be as specific or non-specific as you like (we’ve assembled packages with “Books that all have an X in the title or the author’s name” and “Elephant things” for example.) Options for gift packages also include adding a shop mug, literary candle, or themed doll or gift item. Each package will also contain: A random selection of three of our pins and one odd item from our gifts section. The gift package minimum is $20. Shipping is included with all domestic orders.

For information on these services or anything else you have questions about: Email or call (412) 344-7444

New Featured Sections

From time to time we want to tell everyone how much cool stuff we’ve acquired in a specific section, so check this link periodically for updates!

Meet Brian Keene on July 30th!

IMG_2829 IMG_2828

A master of Horror is coming to Rickert & Beagle Books! Join us on July 30th at 2pm for a reading and Q&A with Brian Keene as he tours in support of his new books Pressure and The Complex.

Because of the crowd size we are expecting, and because we want to make sure Rickert & Beagle Books customers get all their books signed, we’ve designated this as a “Ticketed Event”.  Tickets are FREE, and you will not need one to attend the reading/ Q&A portion of the event. If you want to get books signed, here’s what you need to know:

Buy the book being promoted, get a signing ticket.


Make any book purchase during the event, get a signing ticket.

You are welcome to have any books (including those you brought from home) signed, as long as you have a signing ticket.

The reading and discussion/ Q&A portions of the event do not require a ticket.

Tickets can not be replaced if lost, please hold on to yours and remember to bring it with you the day of the book signing!

As of right now we have ample copies of Pressure, and we are working to get The Complex and other Keene titles in stock as soon as possible. If there is a specific title you’d like us to order for you, just let us know.

All questions can be directed to Chris via: or at the store (412) 344-7444.


PET THE CHICK (with Rent The Chicken) 5/21

Urban chicken ownership is here, and Rent The Chicken will be on hand for two hours to talk about their various programs, answer your questions about everything from fresh eggs to hatching chicks, and (most importantly) to give you a chance to meet real live baby chicks and a full-grown chicken!

Please bring your kids, your neighbors, and your neighbors kids. It’s like we’ll have a one-day petting zoo at Rickert & Beagle Books!

2pm to 4pm on Saturday 5/21


Indie Bookstore Day

Saturday, April 20th


20% off all used books

chance to win a prize at check out

Can’t visit in person? Call us during business hours and shop by phone!


Let Your Light Shine!

Loads of new candles from North Ave Candles  are now in stock!


Amortentia – the most powerful love potion in the world, smells different to each person who encounters it. These candles feature three layers of good smells, corresponding to what Hermione Granger and Harry Potter each thought of when they smelled it for the first time. $18.



Burn candles, not books! These five candles were created to celebrate famously banned and challenged books. Clockwork Orange (clove and orange), Catcher in the Rye (bourbon and tobacco flower), Alice in Wonderland (white tea and rose), The Great Gatsby (gin, juniper and daisy) and Fahrenheit 451 (parchment and smoked pine) $22.



Black skulls (black raspberry) or Red (orange and chili pepper) each come in a re-usable and sinister glass jar. $20.



These candles smell like old books! Each jar is decorated with genuine old-book pages and a luminary cut-out. $12.



Frankinscense candles and Frankenstein’s Bunny. Buy just the candle for $20 or get a candle + bunny for $35. A collaboration between North Ave Candles and Rickert & Beagle Books



Elm Street candles will haunt your dreams until ShadowBunny comes along to eat the nightmares up! Buy just the candle for $20 or get a candle + bunny for $35. A collaboration between North Ave Candles and Rickert & Beagle Books


There’s no where to run! Embrace the impending madness with this Sea Mist OF DOOM! candle and the Old God of the little forest animals: B’nnthulhu. Buy just the candle for $20 or get a candle + bunny for $35. A collaboration between North Ave Candles and Rickert & Beagle Books

A special deal for Evelyn Pryce fans!

We’ll have copies of The Thirteenth Earl and A Man Above Reproach at the signing this weekend, but in honor of  the long, weird friendship of owner Chris Rickert and author Evelyn Pryce we’ve got a little something special for you.

Starting now and ending at the conclusion of Saturday’s signing we’ll be offering a special gift pack to our customers. For $20 you can get a copy of The Thirteenth Earl, a Rickert & Beagle Books mug and a set of limited-edition Evelyn Pryce pins.  (Retail value of this package is $26)


And for fans who have some catching up to do we’ll give you the entire package above PLUS a copy of A Man Above Reproach for $30 (Retail value $39)


All books can be signed by the author if you’d like to pick them up after the event. We can also ship signed books and gift packages anywhere in the US ($3 for a book, $5 for a gift set).

Books can be purchased in three ways:

-Come to the store and pay for your set (you can leave it here for the signing if you want to!)

-email and request an invoice for the books/ sets you want. Invoices will be sent via PayPal.

-use the handy-dandy “buy” button on the Rickert & Beagle Books facebook page to make your purchase.

And remember, this offer is only good until 4pm on Saturday!

The Thirteenth Earl by Evelyn Pryce – 3/26 at 2pm


Join Evelyn Pryce for her (first ever!) signing, of her new book The Thirteenth Earl.

You can find the description here:

Fun asides to be announced as we get closer to the event. There will be cupcakes. There will ALWAYS be cupcakes. There will also be a dramatic (?) reading of scenes from the book and other shenanigans, because that’s what happens when old friends like Evelyn and Chris Rickert get together!

Copies of Evelyn’s books and a limited number of audio copies will be for sale at the event.

Autographs Galore!

It all started with our friend Cat Mihos, who suggested that if her boss (who happens to be Neil Gaiman) sent us some signed bookplates we might be able to sell more copies of his new book. A year later we had our own customized adhesive bookplate and a collection of very generous authors who have signed them for you.

Buy any new book by any of the authors listed below and we’ll throw in an autographed plate for your book! If we don’t have the exact book in stock, we will be happy to order it for you! See something you want below? Call the store at 412-344-7444 or email us at

Currently available (with huge thanks to each author!)


Jess Haines – author of the H&W Investigations series



Maggie Stiefvater – author of the Shiver series, The Raven Cycle and more!



Dana Simpson – writer/ illustrator of Marigold Heavenly Nostrils



Chuck Wendig author of the Miriam Black books and many , many other titles



Neil Gaiman, author of fiction, graphic novels, screenplays, shirt form fiction and other stuff.