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Richard Brautigan books in stock!


Paperback $7. Ref #102215


paperback $6. Ref #102213


First paperback printing $9. Ref#102214


Paperback $6. Ref #102202


paperback $6. Ref #102201


First printing $14. Ref#102200


First printing $20. Ref#102224


First printing $11. Ref #102205

Collectible Vonnegut First Editions!

This collection of Kurt Vonnegut novels in hardcover just arrived in the store! All available in the store, or by calling or emailing us. Shipping charges will be calculated based on your address.



First printing, $50. Ref #102223



Fourth printing $60. Ref #102220



First printing $15. Ref #102229



First printing $8. Ref #102206



First printing $9. Ref #102207



First printing $9. Ref #102208



First printing $8. Ref # 102210



First printing $10. Ref #102204

WWII-Era Technical Books

We just acquired a fantastic collection of WWII – era technical books! While this is not everything from the trade, we did want to post a few of the highlights. For purchase inquiries please email or call the store.


From left-right: Radio Physics Course, 1932, $20. Elements of Radio Servicing, 1947, $60. Techniques of Radio Design, 1943, $20. Radiotron Designer’s Handbook, 1945, $9. Fundamentals of Radio, 1942, $8. Radio-Engineering, 1937, $14.


Vitalized Chemistry including Chemical Warfare, 1942, $6.


Elementary Physics for Pilot Trainees – US War Dept. 1942. $8


Rewinding Small Motors, 1925, $20.


Standard Practices for Stationary Diesel Engines, 1951, $8


Introductory Study of Electrical Characters of Power and Telephone Transmission Lines, 1936, $20.

Staff Picks!

Check out these great titles recommended by Chris:

IMG_2115 IMG_2116 IMG_2117 IMG_2118 IMG_2119 IMG_2120 IMG_2121 IMG_2122 IMG_2123 IMG_2124 IMG_2125 IMG_2126 IMG_2127 IMG_2128 IMG_2129 IMG_2130 IMG_2131 IMG_2132 IMG_2133 IMG_2134

We only have one copy of each title, so if you see something you want email us ( or call (412) 344-7444 and reserve your book today!

Summer of Lovecraft – a collection of mythic proportions


Ballantine paperback editions $5 each


Ballantine paperback editions, cover art by John Holmes (volume II available, not pictured here) ranging in price from $4-$8


Ballantine paperback editions priced at $2.


Very rare Bart House edition from 1945. $10.


Lovecraft’s writings on his love of travel in Quebec. A must have for those interested in the life of the writer. Edited by L Sprague deCamp. First printing. $30.


Fourth printing. $40.


Including works by Lovecraft and other writers working in the C’thulhu mythos. $40.


A complete bibliography of Arkham House publications, compiled and edited by ST Joshi, widely considered the foremost living expert on Lovecraft. Arkham House is the primary publisher of Lovecraft’s work as well as other literary horror authors. $50.


Tenth printing. $35.


Corrected fourth printing. $30.

Recommended reads: Cozy Mysteries

Cozy mysteries feature a sleuth (usually female) who uses their smarts to solve crimes while the police bumble along. Cozy sleuths are often business owners or hobbyists who bring elements of their own interests into the story. In many cases the author will include recipes, craft tips or patterns that relate to the storyline. There are hundreds of series out there, but here are a few of our recent acquisitions:


Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse Mysteries feature a spunky coffee slinger who is starting her life over and solving crimes.


Diane Mott Davidson’s culinary mysteries feature a single mom with a bustling catering business, a dangerously nasty ex-husband and a nose for finding dead bodies. This series is a shop favorite!


Laura Childs’ Tea Room Mystery series includes all kinds of information and tips on teas and tea brewing (and murder-solving!)


A mystery for book collectors and lovers of rare editions.


Mysteries set in a Memphis BBQ joint.

For readers who like some delicious cooking mixed into their mysteries:




For readers who enjoy organizing and decorating:











For crafters of all kinds:



Museums, math puzzles and a moose:


Swan Song -signed, illustrated edition

Only 650 copies of this edition were printed! This gorgeous, oversized hardcover comes carefully protected in a cloth-covered slipcase. We’ve also covered the jacket in mylar (hence that pesky reflection in the photo).


Illustrations by Charles Lang, including a full color frontis and black/ white interiors.

IMG_1842 IMG_1843 IMG_1844

And autographed by both the author and illustrator:


Please direct purchasing inquiries to Priced at $400, we’ll throw in free shipping and insurance on domestic orders. (And we’ll be happy to quote you an international shipping cost upon request)

An 1811 copy of the US Constitution for sale!!! – UPDATE: SOLD!!

The Constitutions of the United States According to the Latest Amendments:


Our inventory entry on this exceedingly rare title:

Including the Constitution (with 11 amendments, the recent 12th is included at the end of the text) Declaration of Independence, State Constitutions of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Vermont, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio and the charter of Rhode Island. Also includes Washington’s farewell address.

Condition being tricky to assess for a book this old, we chose a “good” grade as it is related to the significant age of the book, but please carefully note the points listed below before purchasing: Full leather binding shows rubbing, chipping and a 1″ crack at front. Boards are a bit bowed. Pages are edge worn, heavily toned and foxed but not brittle. Several prior owners (all looking to be in the early 1800s) names inked to endpapers. Bumped board corners and rounded page corners. Lower corner of frontis is missing but portrait of G Washington is complete on page. Page edges are rippled. Strong binding, a collectible that can still be read and enjoyed by its new owner.


IMG_1703 IMG_1707 IMG_1706 IMG_1704

Autographed books for the holiday!

Looking of a gift that will wow your favorite book lover? We have HUNDREDS of signed books in stock! Here’s a sampling of some of the coolest…


IMG_1444 IMG_1445

IMG_1453 IMG_1452

IMG_1451 IMG_1450

IMG_1442 IMG_1443

IMG_1440 IMG_1441

IMG_1438 IMG_1439

IMG_1436 IMG_1437

IMG_1434 IMG_1435

IMG_1429 IMG_1430

IMG_1427 IMG_1428

IMG_1425 IMG_1426

Plus signed graphic novels including Joe Hill’s Locke & Key, Roman Dirge’s Lenore and the complete run of Sandman, in three omnibus, leather bound editions. All three are first printings and Volume 1 is signed!

IMG_1424 IMG_1446 IMG_1447

The Best Worst Books for October

There’s plenty of fantastically bad horror out there, but any 90’s teen can tell you that authors like Christopher Pike and RL Stein were absolutely slaying in the genre (see what we did there?) We’ve been scooping up every one of these ¬†classics of teen slasher lit, and they’re waiting for you at Rickert & Beagle!

IMG_1239 IMG_1240