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Now With Added Plath…

One last finger puppet/ magnet for the store…just like the others, she’s only $6.


Rubber Ducks part III – Son of the Return of the Night of the Ducks

Do we even need to explain? We sold a lot of ducks so Chris bought more. She’s an un-stoppable duck purchasing machine. These, and all our other ducks are $1 each.

IMG_1828 IMG_1829 IMG_1830 IMG_1831 IMG_1832

Notebooks for all kinds of writers

For the composer we offer this small music notebook featuring front and rear covers with all kinds of handy notation lists and music theory tables. $3

IMG_1813 IMG_1815 IMG_1816 IMG_1818

For the aspiring Comic Book writer we have a notebook with story board pages, comic writing tips and a tear-out stencil page of word balloons and other helpful shapes. $6

IMG_1826 - Copy IMG_1824 IMG_1822 IMG_1821 - Copy

And for the curmudgeonly, the anti-social, the intensely private or just the caffeine-deprived this trio of little ruled notebooks will give you a place to write your thoughts while warning those around you to keep away. $6 for a complete set.


Big ideas, Little Thinkers.

We’ve added some new odds and ends to our gift selection at Rickert & Beagle Books including Little Thinker dolls and puppets! Full-sized dolls stand about one foot tall and cost $18. Finger puppets measure about 2″ and cost $6 each.

IMG_1804 - Copy

Jane Austen

IMG_1806 - Copy

Nikolai Tesla

IMG_1807 - Copy

Miyamoto Musashi (originator of two-handed sword technique and author or The Book of Five RIngs)


Edgar Allen Poe – seen here with just a few of the Poe-themed gift items we carry!


Note the detachable raven on Poe’s shoulder!

IMG_1799 - Copy

Noam Chomsky and Kurt Vonnegut finger puppets can also hang out on your fridge or another magnetic surface.

IMG_1801 - Copy IMG_1800 - Copy



New Mugs! Now with bonus penguins.

A new shipment of Rickert & Beagle mugs in now in stock! Plenty more of the popular “diner” style (the flared mug with the very heavy bottom)


We’ve added a second mug style with a bigger handle and plenty more room for your hot beverage of choice inside. As always, our mugs are $8 each, microwaveable and dishwasher safe.IMG_1626

Each mug features the logo on the front and a tiny rocket ship traversing the inside. Rocket ship placement is at the discretion of our mug-maker (Chris’ dad) so you’ll want to investigate each mug to find the perfect one for you!


Because the mug-maker has a strong sense of whimsy (and a history of travel to Antarctica) a few of this mug shipment feature bonus penguins! (You’ll have to check carefully before you buy, there are very few penguins)


Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

Buying for someone who isn’t a reader? We still think you should buy them a book, but if you really need something else, here are a few suggestions from Rickert & Beagle! Remember that we can take online or phone orders and ship anywhere in the world!


Only $8, with a rocket ship zooming around on the inside and our logo on the front. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe and from an indie supplier in NY (Chris’ dad!)


Monster dolls, finger puppets and all kinds of other crocheted and tatted pieces from Chris Rickert’s Perfect Fish Designs


It’s all fun and games til the dragon shows up! Buy the complete game for $20 and a booster of extra characters for $5. For new or experienced gamers.


Glass and comic book wonders and semi-precious stone jewelry from Cat Mihos’ Neverwear


Gifts for lovers of Lovecraft!


Poe bandages, tattoos and pin sets


Keep your slack in this stylish messenger bag (only one left!)


Make anything weirder with this tape


Life is meaningless, but you should still brush your teeth.

Dungeon Roll, the New Reason We Aren’t Getting Anything done Around Here

Steve found a game and told Chris about it. And Chris bought a case of copies. Because that’s the kind of crazy she is.

The perfect game for RPG lovers and people who have never picked up a role playing game in their lives. It takes all of five minutes to learn and a full game with two players takes less than half an hour.

If you want to demo the game stop by and ask Chris to play a round with you. The full game (which is all 2-4 players need) is only $20 and the expansion pack with eight more characters is only $5!

IMG_1209 IMG_1210 IMG_1214

Rickert & Beagle Books and Rubber Duckie Emporium

These and MANY more mini rubber ducks in stock (and they’re going fast!)…only a buck a duck!



IMG_1184 IMG_1185 IMG_1186 IMG_1187 IMG_1188 IMG_1189 IMG_1190 IMG_1191 IMG_1192 IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1195