To our weird, beloved customers…

It’s been a really rough year and a half. Construction that will (eventually) lead to a new, cheaper, gorgeous, space has dragged on. Our landlord has worked with us on the rent because of the long delay, but it’s been expensive and difficult for us to operate around the construction.

The economy isn’t great, you may have heard, and sales are down significantly.

Chris (our intrepid owner) has always staffed the store as a volunteer, and also has a full time job elsewhere to pay her own bills, and at this point our volunteer pool has had a lot of things come up that limit their time with us.

So it’s time to make some tough choices.

We have a few options. But we want to hear from you. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Come shop in the bookstore! The hours are kinda wacky, we know, but the weekends, especially Sundays (open 11-5!) are pretty solid.
  2. Volunteer! We need people to shelve books, to just sit at the desk and let people browse, and even some handyperson/ lifting/ carrying/ cleaning type stuff.
  3. Spread the word. Let your friends and neighbors know that one of Pittsburgh’s oldest bookstores needs a boost from the community right now. And with our options to shop online, they don’t even have to be Pittsburgh-based to help!

Stay weird, we love you,

Chris and the team at Rickert & Beagle Books

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