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Long distance shopping options galore!

For customers who live outside the Pittsburgh area, it must be heartbreaking. Seeing our cool events and our weird sales and All. Those. Tentacles.


As always, we’re here to help you through the rough times.

For a standard online shopping experience, you can simply browse our stores on Amazon or on ABE. You are also welcome to browse here and call ahead to have your books held for you for pickup. (we will hold books for up to 3 days)

Looking for a more personal touch? Looking for that collection of mysteries that you read five years ago and you know it’s about a librarian who crochets but that’s it? Maybe a personal shopper appointment is what you need! You can call ahead to schedule (and if we’re not busy we can often help you right away!) and the service is generally available any day other than Sunday.

Personal shopping services include:

Hard to find book searches – If you can’t figure out how to find the book you want, or you can’t even figure out what the book is, give Chris a call. Initial searches are free, and we offer extremely inexpensive options for extensive book searches and upcoming author releases alerts.

Personal shopping by phone – If you know you want to read on a general subject, but you don’t know exactly what you want, we can help you pick just the right book. We’ll take your information and offer you a number of options. Ask to set the conversation up via cell phone and Chris can text you photos of the books you might be interested in!

Gift packages assembled to your specifications – All we really need is a list of genres and a dollar amount to put together a gift package, but you can be as specific or non-specific as you like (we’ve assembled packages with “Books that all have an X in the title or the author’s name” and “Elephant things” for example.) Options for gift packages also include adding a shop mug, literary candle, or themed doll or gift item. Each package will also contain: A random selection of three of our pins and one odd item from our gifts section. The gift package minimum is $20. Shipping is included with all domestic orders.

For information on these services or anything else you have questions about: Email or call (412) 344-7444

New Featured Sections

From time to time we want to tell everyone how much cool stuff we’ve acquired in a specific section, so check this link periodically for updates!

Meet Brian Keene on July 30th!

IMG_2829 IMG_2828

A master of Horror is coming to Rickert & Beagle Books! Join us on July 30th at 2pm for a reading and Q&A with Brian Keene as he tours in support of his new books Pressure and The Complex.

Because of the crowd size we are expecting, and because we want to make sure Rickert & Beagle Books customers get all their books signed, we’ve designated this as a “Ticketed Event”.  Tickets are FREE, and you will not need one to attend the reading/ Q&A portion of the event. If you want to get books signed, here’s what you need to know:

Buy the book being promoted, get a signing ticket.


Make any book purchase during the event, get a signing ticket.

You are welcome to have any books (including those you brought from home) signed, as long as you have a signing ticket.

The reading and discussion/ Q&A portions of the event do not require a ticket.

Tickets can not be replaced if lost, please hold on to yours and remember to bring it with you the day of the book signing!

As of right now we have ample copies of Pressure, and we are working to get The Complex and other Keene titles in stock as soon as possible. If there is a specific title you’d like us to order for you, just let us know.

All questions can be directed to Chris via: or at the store (412) 344-7444.