Beautiful new Tarot now in stock!

We found two Tarot decks in Schiffer’s catalogs that were so gorgeous we had to pick them up for the store. Since both decks are new (and in spectacular packaging) we can’t photograph the insides of the set, so we’ve got a bunch of sample cards and links to some online reviews for you to browse below.

First, The Ring Cycle Tarot featuring art by Arthur Rackham. This decks’ theme is Richard Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung, which was based on some of the same source materials that inspired Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings. Selected images from the deck are posted below. A review of the deck can be found HERE.¬†Retail price is $45.

ring-cycle-tarot-13157 ring-cycle-tarot-13158 ring-cycle-tarot-13159 ring-cycle-tarot-13160 ring-cycle-tarot-13161 ring-cycle-tarot-13162 ring-cycle-tarot-13163 ring-cycle-tarot-13164

The second deck is The Mary-El Tarot, designed and illustrated by Marie White. You can visit Marie White’s website for more information on her are and photos of individual cards HERE.¬†And here are a few cards images for you:


The Mary-El Tarot retails for $39.99.

Each of these sets comes with a full Tarot deck, a written deck guide and a gorgeous presentation box measuring 12″x 2″x 6″. If you’re buying a deck for a new reader, consider picking up one of our books on basic Tarot reading or traditional Tarot spreads to go along with the deck!

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