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Holiday gift sets

We have a small number of gift sets available this December. Each set is valued at or over $20, but we’ll sell them to you for only $15!

Sets include a mug, three pins, ten adhesive book plates, a finger tentacle, and a paperback book. If you’d like us to assemble a custom set for you, just call or email the store. Custom sets will be priced at $20 each.

Here are the details for the sets we have in the store today:

IMG_2444 IMG_2445 IMG_2446 IMG_2447 IMG_2448

Recycled Book Ornaments

It’s a sad truth that sometimes a book is too damaged or too outdated to be sold or even given away. Since we have a little stack of this type of book in our backroom, we decided to try some salvaged book projects. The results are now for sale. Ornaments are priced at $2-$3 each and we have a whole tree-full!

IMG_2433 IMG_2431IMG_2432





Last-Minute Shopper’s Holiday Craft & Bake Sale!

We don’t judge. We know you left a few gift purchases until the last minute…It’s okay, we’ve all been there. We’ve got the perfect solution for all your “Oh no it’s the weekend be fore Christmas”¬†shopping!

Join us from noon-4pm on Sunday, December 20th for a craft and bake sale featuring work from a few hand-selected local artisans. We’ll have all kinds of crocheted winter wear, dolls, holiday ornaments, hand-crafted jewelry, book-lover’s stocking stuffers and yummy treats like cake pops for sale. There will be plenty of holiday-themed gift options, but we’ll also have lots of weird and creepy gift suggestions for the geeks on your shopping list.

Some of our vendors will offer discounts on their own work when you purchase books in the store and we’ll have some of our book sections discounted as well!

nessa IMG_1954

Come Write In: NaNoWriMo event on November 15th

Join other NaNoWriMo participants at the bookstore at noon on Sunday, November 15th for a write-in!

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is “committed to building writing confidence,” and encourages everyone to tell their stories. With a goal of writing 50,000 words in the 30 days of November, it urges those of us with an interest in writing to turn off our inner editors, jump in, and just write the first draft of that story that’s been brewing in back of our minds.

With over 300,000 participants last year, online forums on every topic from specific genres to brainstorming plot problems, and local write-ins, NaNoWriMo also lets us interact with others with a similar interest in writing. For more information, please visit!

You are welcome to bring beverages (with lids, please) and snacks. Limited outlets will be available (bringing an extension cord will make it much more likely you can find a place to plug in).

We will have tables and folding chairs set up for you, but we don’t mind if you sit on the floor or bring your own chair!