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We are SO social

Continuing our progress toward world domination, we now have an Instagram account! We’re snapping shots of in-store events, incoming trades and cool things we find as we’re organizing the shelves.

If you see a book posted on our feed, feel free to call/ email the store and ask us to hold it (you can try to comment on the photo, but we don’t check messages nearly as often as we post there)

To head over to our Instagram page CLICK HERE!

New Store Hours!

Starting today we’re adding Sundays to our schedule!

Sunday 11-5

Monday 10-7

Tuesday 11-8

Wednesday/ Thursday 11-6

Friday/ Saturday 10-7

No trades on Thursdays.

The Wicked Library Halloween Event

wicked library

Come to The Wicked Library’s Live Halloween Special!

Original Host and Show Creator Nelson W Pyles returns to the mic for one night! Along with Host Daniel Foytik, this event promises to scare the hell out of you!

Four chilling tales of terror told in storyteller fashion in front of a live audience! The special will air on Halloween! Come be a part of this first ever live TWL event!

Bring your fear!

And, bring a nice, clean gently used blanket! You can sit on the floor, campfire style for this story telling event! After the event, the blankets will be collected and donated to the Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community to distribute to the homeless in Pittsburgh. For each blanket donated, Rickert and Beagle Books will also donate a paperback book as well!

Prizes, treats and more!