Bret Bouriseau & Nelson Pyles present The Prince of Knocknafay Thursday, 9/10 at 6pm


Imagine the most heroic of adventurers and vilest of villains in a story like no other!

Welcome to the land of Knocknafay where Travers McCraken, a dashing and magical Irish highwayman, rescues a beautiful sultana, Marguerita Francesca de la Rosa, from the harem of an evil djinni. He then raises a ship and crew of rogues and vagabonds to return the voluptuous Latina to her homeland in the Creole city-state of Cibonay. During their Homeric adventure, shenanigans ensue as the djinni and his villainous inner-circle give chase. Loyalty, laughter and love are on tap as well as Knocknafay’s famous honey mead. A high-intensity adventure that will leave you wanting more!!


Nelson W. Pyles is a novelist and author of several short stories. His first novel, “Demons, Dolls, & Milkshakes” is available from Post Mortem Press. His collected works, “Everything Here Is A Nightmare” (Burning Bulb Publishing) is his latest release. Nelson is also the creator, executive producer and former host of the popular “The Wicked Library.”

For more information, please visit and you can find him on Twitter @nelsonwpyles


Bret Bouriseau grew up in a small Midwestern town along the Mississippi. As a boy, much of his free time was spent reading and drawing. Not caring for the structure of the public school system, he took his GED test in his junior year while still in high school. After receiving his diploma he promptly left, leaving his home for good shortly after turning 17.

Throughout the early ‘80’s he traveled, supporting himself with various odd jobs -including airbrush artist and carnie. In 1985 he joined the U S Navy and reported aboard the USS Enterprise visiting 14 countries before ending his tour of duty in 1989. In 1992 he discovered the wonderful world of sales, a profession that combined travel and word skills. It was a natural fit. After running a few legit businesses Bret tried his hand at publishing an underground paper called The Spectre. He sold ads and organized party bus tours to subsidize his income. It was there he began to hone his skills in earnest.

Both an artist and writer, Bret acknowledges painter and cover artist Frank Frazetta as his biggest single artistic influence. His personal style is more akin to Maxfield Parrish-using many of the artist’s technics in his own work, updated for the computer age.

An avid reader of pulp fiction, his two favorite books are Bram Stoker’s Dracula –“the text so rich it seems painted than written”

At the other end of the spectrum, C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, especially The Last Battle –“proving you don’t have to use a large number of words to move the reader, just the right ones.” He has spent many hours trying to merge these two techniques.



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