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Go Ahead…Push The Button



Feminista Jones’ Push the Button is the next thing you must read if BDSM erotica is your thing. Forget 50 Shades and it’s questionable portrayal of the lifestyle, this is the real deal, and it’s pure gold…if gold were naughty and sometimes wearing a collar.

From the Amazon description:

Nicole and David are two 30-something, professional, Black Americans chasing their dreams and accomplishing their goals while investing in a romantic future together. On the surface, they appear to be just like any other couple—they travel, work hard, and spend quality time with family and friends. Behind their masks, David and Nicole live an erotic, intense dynamic based on the complements of domination and submission and the peaks of pain and pleasure known as “The Life”. They have their boundaries, they play by the rules, and they seek to ascend to the highest level of connection a couple can achieve by indulging in their deepest fantasies and exploring the darkest corners of their minds. Life for the couple is not without obstacles, however. What happens when a force from the past threatens to destroy everything David and Nicole have built together? Can their devotion to each other withstand the trials they are forced to endure? Push The Button explores a side of the BDSM Lifestyle that often goes ignored—the “normalcy”. Like any other couple, these two have their ups and downs, and they must decide if their love is enough to keep them together. Follow Nicole and David as they love each other, struggle together, and grow in their powerful connection.

Self-published by activist, writer and speaker Feminista Jones, and proudly sold by Rickert & Beagle Books. Check out our full erotica and human sexuality section the next time you visit and check out the mighty Feminista Jones other work HERE.