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Saturday December 13th at 2pm: Justice, possibly on rye.


Join Eric Sipple, Alyssa Heron, Arlo J Wiley, Paul Smith and Thomas Dorton as we celebrate the release of The Deli Counter of Justice, a collection of superhero-ish stories, all focused around a deli opened by a retired hero.

Vegetarian options also available.

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

Buying for someone who isn’t a reader? We still think you should buy them a book, but if you really need something else, here are a few suggestions from Rickert & Beagle! Remember that we can take online or phone orders and ship anywhere in the world!


Only $8, with a rocket ship zooming around on the inside and our logo on the front. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe and from an indie supplier in NY (Chris’ dad!)


Monster dolls, finger puppets and all kinds of other crocheted and tatted pieces from Chris Rickert’s Perfect Fish Designs


It’s all fun and games til the dragon shows up! Buy the complete game for $20 and a booster of extra characters for $5. For new or experienced gamers.


Glass and comic book wonders and semi-precious stone jewelry from Cat Mihos’ Neverwear


Gifts for lovers of Lovecraft!


Poe bandages, tattoos and pin sets


Keep your slack in this stylish messenger bag (only one left!)


Make anything weirder with this tape


Life is meaningless, but you should still brush your teeth.

Autographed books for the holiday!

Looking of a gift that will wow your favorite book lover? We have HUNDREDS of signed books in stock! Here’s a sampling of some of the coolest…


IMG_1444 IMG_1445

IMG_1453 IMG_1452

IMG_1451 IMG_1450

IMG_1442 IMG_1443

IMG_1440 IMG_1441

IMG_1438 IMG_1439

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IMG_1425 IMG_1426

Plus signed graphic novels including Joe Hill’s Locke & Key, Roman Dirge’s Lenore and the complete run of Sandman, in three omnibus, leather bound editions. All three are first printings and Volume 1 is signed!

IMG_1424 IMG_1446 IMG_1447

Marcel Lamont Walker & Wayne Wise talk comics and much more!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who showed up for this fantastic event! We have signed copies of all Marcel and Wayne’s work in the store for purchase!

IMG_1401 IMG_1408


Join Marcel and Wayne for a discussion and signing of a whole slew of their creative works including:

2014-07-05_CHUTZ-POW_FinalCover_SMALL_RGB HEROCORPlogo2

Marcel Lamont (M.L.) Walker has carved a niche for himself in the modern comic-book arts via projects that allow him to illustrate real-life people in a super-heroic fashion, both literally and figuratively.

As the creator, artist and writer of the independent comic-book HERO CORP., INTERNATIONAL, he has recast his friends, associates and himself in a world of corporate American superheroes. He is the lead artist and book designer for CHUTZ-POW! Superheroes of the Holocaust, an anthology comic-book produced jointly by The ToonSeum and The Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh telling the true stories of Holocaust survivors. Similarly, Walker is the featured artist in COMIC-TANIUM! The Super Materials of the Superheroes, a nationally touring sciences-and-art exhibit sponsored by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, which juxtaposes real-life modern-day scientists with their respective mainstream superhero counterparts.

Walker currently teaches art workshops at Pittsburgh’s ToonSeum, The Museum of Cartoon Art, for whom he has also contributed artwork for their NORTH and OAKLAND anthology comic-books. In addition, he has worked for over twenty years as a freelance artist, graphic designer, and photographer.


Wayne Wise is a writer, artist, storyteller, seeker shaman and magician, or at least claims to be in casual conversation. He has a BA in History and an MA in Clinical Psychology and in his life has worked as a counsellor, an administrative assistant for a state legislator, an inter-office mail courier, a freelance comic book inker, and a department store Santa. He wrote music and comics-based articles for several local news mags and a couple of now-defunct national magazines. In 1993 he and his business partner/collaborator Fred Wheaton received the Xeric Grant and self-published the comic book Grey Legacy. In 2010 he wrote and drew a follow-up called Grey Legacy Tales. In 2011 he joined the digital publishing revolution by self-publishing three full length novels: Scratch, This Creature Fair, and Bedivere: The King’s Right Hand. A new edition of his first novel, King of Summer, originally published in 2002, is also available. All are available in a variety of Ereader formats. His most recent project was as writer for the comic Chutz-POW!: Real Superheroes of the Holocaust. He is currently employed by the Eisner Award-nominated comic book store Phantom of the Attic in Pittsburgh, serves as the Resident Comics Scholar for the Pittsburgh Toonseum, and teaches a course in Comics and Pop Culture as a guest lecturer at Chatham University.


Along with Wayne’s latest comic book we’ll have copies of his novels for sale (at the event and every day in the bookstore!)