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Dungeon Roll, the New Reason We Aren’t Getting Anything done Around Here

Steve found a game and told Chris about it. And Chris bought a case of copies. Because that’s the kind of crazy she is.

The perfect game for RPG lovers and people who have never picked up a role playing game in their lives. It takes all of five minutes to learn and a full game with two players takes less than half an hour.

If you want to demo the game stop by and ask Chris to play a round with you. The full game (which is all 2-4 players need) is only $20 and the expansion pack with eight more characters is only $5!

IMG_1209 IMG_1210 IMG_1214

September’s Occult Books Acquisitions

Two fantastic trades showed up within hours of each other on Wednesday. We spent so much time getting them inventoried and priced we didn’t have much left over to take photos, but here are a few to tempt you with!



IMG_1200 IMG_1201 IMG_1203 IMG_1204 IMG_1205 IMG_1206 IMG_1207 IMG_1208

Also available (but too shiny to photograph well) Magick in Theory and Practice, The Book of Lies, and The Great Beast.


As always, every book or gift item you see here can be purchased via phone or email and shipped to you.


Lovecraft & Poe – featured Horror Authors

With Halloween just around the corner (no, really, it’s JUST AROUND THE CORNER!) we added some new odds and ends to our stock, and now we’ll show them off. (As always, any book or gift item you see posted here can be purchased over the phone and shipped to you.)


Along with a stunning collection of early printing Lovecraft (not pictured: 1st Ed/ 3rd printing of At The Mountains of Madness and A Means To Freedom: The Complete Letters of HP Lovecraft to Robert E Howard in two volumes.

IMG_1211 IMG_1212

Featured gift items seen here: The clip-on Tentacle Mustache ($5), a Finger Tentacle ($2.50) and hand made Bunny-Cthulhu dolls and keychains ($20 – $8)

Also pictured here: A 1st Ed/ 5th printing of The Dunwich Horror, and two different (and equally valuable) printings of The Horror in the Museum including one with the Gahan Wilson illustrated cover.

While our massively popular Poe lunchboxes are long gone (thank you Neil Gaiman and Cat Mihos for the boost in sales!) we still have a lovely selection of anthologized writings and these Poe bandages and temporary tattoo sets, both in collectible tins!



Rickert & Beagle Books and Rubber Duckie Emporium

These and MANY more mini rubber ducks in stock (and they’re going fast!)…only a buck a duck!



IMG_1184 IMG_1185 IMG_1186 IMG_1187 IMG_1188 IMG_1189 IMG_1190 IMG_1191 IMG_1192 IMG_1193 IMG_1194 IMG_1195