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Ancient History – a brief tour


IMG_1135 Our Ancient History section – featuring oddities like this book on fishing tracts of the Middle Ages and beautiful sets from publishers like Folio Society (pictured above, The Renaissance. Pictured Below Gibbon’s Fall of Rome)





Mummies are a popular topic with out history customers!





Pre-orders with Benefits

Would you like to reserve a copy of a new release book? If you’re trying to pre-order any Hachette authors (like JK Rowling or Neil Gaiman) you probably already know that a certain massive online retailer is refusing to take orders ahead of the release date.


You decide who is Hachette and who is Amazon.


Not to worry! Rickert & Beagle is here to help you.

Place a pre-order (any time up to 48 hours before a book’s release day) for any book, from any publisher large or small. We’ll have the book ready for you on release day, and we’ll throw in between $5 and $10 in used book store credit for you to spend.

book pile


If you need your book shipped out and can’t come to the store to spend your credit we’ll happily substitute a selection of paperbacks that equal your credit total. You tell us what kind of books you want, we’ll pick them out and ship them.

To place a pre-order simply call the store or email us.

The Virtual Bookstore Tour: General History

Meet your friend, the General History section. Full of books on topics so ┬ástrange we can’t find another place to put them….


Knights, pirates and spies above, A history of rats in NYC below


Take home a Satanic Duck for only $3, or $2 with any Devil-related book purchase.




The history of falling. (No, seriously)

IMG_1096 IMG_1095

Mazes and Labyrinths and the legendary Indian Rope trick